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Dear Parents

Welcome back to Noddyland and a warm welcome to all of the new parents. Thank you for joining our family and we look forward to getting to know your children.

Listed below are the activities planned for the year:

  • 27 March - 1st term reports
  • 28 March - Parents Afternoon 16h00-18hoo
  • 19 April - Photos
  • School Concert date to be advised
  • 28 November - Gr. R Graduation

Puppet shows planned for the year are as follows

  • 13 April - I speak to Jesus when I pray
  • 8 June - Whats the score?
  • 26 July - Deep under the salt water
  • 21 September - Lets rock and roll
  • 2 November - What happens at the zoo
  • 4 December - The Christmas story

The extra mural activities have started and there are still places available if you want to enrol your child. I would like to encourage you to do this as it is fun way to exercise and to develop gross motor muscles and co-ordination. Children spend too much time in front of the tv or the computer. Our extra mural activities are: Playball, Monkeynastix, Kinder kinetica, soccer and ballet.

When sending someone else to collect your child, if we don’t already have their id on file, please remember to hand a copy of their id in at the office in the morning. They must bring their id with them, as without both of these we can’t allow your child to go with that person. Informing us verbally is not sufficient.

Please be reminded that only cup cakes and a packet of chips may be sent to school for your child’s birthday party in class. Anything else will be returned.

If you would like to speak to you child’s teacher you are welcome to make an appointment to see her. The teacher’s are not allowed to chat while they are busy in their classes or on the playground.

We are looking forward to a busy fun filled year and if you have any concerns or queries please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Seperation Anxiety

Have you had one of those days when you take your child to school and your child cries and clings to you, refusing to let you go? Separation anxiety is a normal part of childhood but it can be upsetting, both for you and your child. Remember that separation anxiety is a sign that you have a healthy relationship with your child and they have attached and bonded with you appropriately. However, having a few strategies to rely on can go a long way toward helping you both get through it.                                                                  

  • Recruit the help of a teacher or carer to help make the transition easier. When you arrive at school, take your child to this person and, getting down to your child’s level, say goodbye, confirm when he/she will be collected and who will fetch them, give them a kiss or hug and leave.
  • Initially, you may stay at school for a few minutes when you drop your child off each day and decrease the length of time that you stay there.
  • Don’t sneak away when your child isn’t looking as this is likely to produce even more anxiety in your child and may cause the development of distrust.
  • Create a pattern of consistent goodbyes and happy reunions in order to build a trusting relationship with your child.
  • Follow through on any promises you make to your child when you leave him or her at school, especially in terms of returning when you said you would.


Stay strong and be consistent!

Written by Melanie Hartgill.

Educational Psychologist.

 Gr R Parents:
Please note that the primary schools are opening registrations for 2013 on Monday 14th May.
Register your child early for Gr 1.