Instead of sitting in front of the tv or computer, get up, take your child by the hand and go and have some fun outside!

When last did you play catch, kick a ball or play hide and seek with your child? It's good exercise for both parties not to mention that special bonding time. Forget about that ironing or the garage that you need to tidy, spend some quality time with your child!

Can you remember the games you played as a child? These games are often forgotten nowadays and replaced with tv or tv games. Bring out the child in yourself and resurrect these games for your child, they will appreciate it.

Ideas for Indoor Games:
Matching Pairs:
Gather lots of pairs of things and hide one of each pair around the house. Each player is given the other one of the pair and has to find the matching object.

Hot or cold:
Hide an object in the room. The child has to try and find it while you are giving hot and cold directions. Cold meaning not near the hiding place and hot meaning close. Getting warmer and getting colder phrases can be used too.

Have Fun!!